Cooper Investors



VoF stands for:

1. Value Latency;
2. Operating, industry and strategic trends; and
3. Focused industry and management behaviour.

The VoF process is a methodology for processing, filtering and understanding information. CI has built a proprietary system and database that is used for ranking both qualitative and quantitative information on stocks and industries.

The "VoF" process provides a useful framework to:

  1. assess companies for their value latency i.e. investments that provide upside due to their ability to generate more cash back than they outlay, taking into account cash flow, growth options, non cash assets, risks and the cost of money;
  2. identify and observe operational, industry and strategic trends. We are interested in indicators, themes, milestones, catalysts, events and corporate actions that either precede an improved outlook for the company/industry or confirm underlying sustainable trends; and
  3. appraise company management and industry behaviour. We are looking for focused leaders that demonstrate a clear focus, vision, authenticity, energy, passion and competency for the business/industry.