Cooper Investors Pty Limited ("CI") is a specialist equities fund manager with funds under management of approximately A$12 billion.

We commenced operations in 2001 and we manage money for a range of clients including large pension and superannuation funds, religious institutions, Australian State Government agencies, school endowments, charities, high net worth families and retail clients. CI is 100% owned by its employees.

CI manages 9 pooled investment trusts (the CI Australian Equities Fund, the Cooper Investors Endowment Fund, the Cooper Investors Asian Equities Fund, the CI Brunswick Fund, the Cooper Investors Global Equities Fund (Hedged), the Cooper Investors Global Equities Fund (Unhedged), the CI Family & Founder Fund, the Cooper Investors Endeavour Fund and the Cooper Investors Global Endowment Fund) and a number of individual mandates which invest in either Australian equities, international securities or a mixture of both. Employees are encouraged to invest in the CI trusts.

Our 5 Key CI Values

The following values drive how we operate our business and influence our investment decision making. It is our belief that these play an important part in CI being able to sort opportunities into the genuine investment category and those that are not "bona fide". The CI values are critical in guiding our thinking through changing times.

These attributes are also embedded in CI's performance reviews and staff are evaluated and rewarded on their adherence to these values.

  • Gratitude and Humility

    Positive and respectful attitudes operating with self awareness and confidence. We value debate and learning; we acknowledge the beliefs, views and attitudes of others, while at the same time having clear, concise and rational investment beliefs of our own. In the investment context, this leads to better understanding of business trends and opportunities as well as creating a sound foundation for investment decision making.

  • Intentionality

    We are active, passionate investors. Our intention is to focus on industries, assets and companies that have value latency, with positive operational, industry and strategic trends run by management and industry leaders with passion, energy, clarity and competence. We believe that by focusing on CI's investment principles and business philosophy, that performance and business success will come. Facta non verba (action and focus, not words) will determine our success.

  • Curiosity and Passion

    We learn through doing the work. The curiosity and passion to learn how businesses and markets work underpins investment insight and sustained performance.

  • In the Moment and Present

    Observe don't predict. Concentrate on the things that make a difference and be detached from the things we don't know or can't change.

  • Authenticity

    We are open and honest with our clients, employees and business service providers. We don't mind being different to others.

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