Cooper takes a shine to technology

Cooper takes a shine to technology

Fund manager Peter Cooper is reaping the rewards of patience, and he and his stock-picking firm are finally starting to like the look of software and technology industries.

The family way pays off for Cooper

The new Cooper Investors Family and Founders Fund invests in founder-led, family-linked or employee-owned companies which have a longer time mindset that align to the values of Cooper Investors.

'Know thyself'... and avoid sinking your own ship

Global Portfolio Manager Chris Dixon discusses Humility, one of the core values within the CI Way investment model and how it plays an important role in investing with discipline and staying inside the ‘Circles of competence.’

New charity investment vehicle has fund-raising LIC-ed

The backers of a new ASX-listed fund with a charity twist have a happy headache to overcome after the $500 million offering was over-subscribed in three days and well ahead of its close later this week.