Fund Summary

Date of Inception


The Investment

Units in a unit trust - the Cooper Investors Endeavour Fund (the "Fund")

Minimum Initial Investment



Cooper Investors Pty Limited ("CI" or the "Manager").


National Australia Bank Limited.


Absolute return hurdle of 5% per annum.


Income distributions will normally be paid half-yearly as at 31 December and 30 June (although the Manager has the discretion to distribute more frequently) and will automatically be invested in further units unless a unit holder elects otherwise.

Investment Risks and Return Objectives

The objective of the Fund is to generate long term returns above an absolute return hurdle of 5% per annum.

Investment Strategy

The Fund will invest predominantly in listed securities of businesses with less than US$2 billion in annual revenues.

Investing in a concentrated portfolio of smaller businesses, which may be less liquid, and may result in higher (short term) volatility.

The Fund can hold up to 50% of the portfolio in cash.

The portfolio will typically own 15-25 securities. Given the potential to hold up to 50% cash, the minimum number of investments may fall below 15 securities.

The Manager will use CI’s VoF research framework to identify attractive long term investments.

Additional Information & Fees


The Fund does not intend to take additional periodic investments from investors but may raise additional capital from time-to-time. In these instances, existing investors will be given priority over new investors. In the event of an over subscription, the raise will be allocated to investors on a pro-rata basis, in proportion to the size of their application amounts.


$50,000 minimum tranches and either a maximum of 25% of the investor’s total investment on the last day of each quarter (calculated at the beginning of the month) or an amount equal to the prior quarter ends withdrawal, whichever is greater, provided 30 days’ notice is given. The Manager has the discretion to process expedited redemptions, where the decision will be subject to portfolio liquidity.

Management Fee

1.2% per annum of the Net Asset Value (before fees and expenses) plus GST calculated and paid monthly in arrears directly from the Fund.

Performance Fee

15% of the Fund’ s out-performance, after the management fee, over the hurdle plus GST (calculated and paid quarterly in arrears directly from the Fund). A high water mark applies.

Fund Performance History

Inception Date: 02 September 2021

Performance as at 28 February 2023

Inception Date: 02 September 2021

1. Benchmark: Absolute return hurdle of 5% per annum.

How to invest

The minimum initial investment in the Fund (and the minimum holding) is $1,000,000 and the minimum subsequent investment is $50,000.

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